Five steps to moderation

You’ve just left Arts Award adviser training full of ideas for starting your Arts Award delivery back at your centre. You’re thinking about how Arts Award fits into your setting as well as trying to negotiate timescales, budgets and working with young people – all with their own ideas and interests. So how do you get through that first moderation? How do you even get started? We have the answers! *

*or as many as we can fit into a blog post!

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The impact of arts education

We’re sure that if you are reading this blog you already understand the value of studying and taking part in the arts, but with increasing pressures on schools and arts organisations how can we advocate for all young people to have the chance to participate in artistic, creative and cultural opportunities? What can we do to ensure that policy makers and educators really understand the value of the arts, and the huge range of benefits it can bring to individuals and wider society?

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