Moderation Season

Carre's Grammar - Bronze
Carre’s Grammar School

Some of you may have received an email from us recently about booking your moderation, because it’s that time of year when a lot of projects are coming to an end.  We know that many advisers might be moderating for the first time – or for the first time since last year – so in addition to our email, here’s a handy guide on booking your moderation. Continue reading

Supporting the UK’s creative sector

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Arts Award

At Arts Award we recognise the huge contribution that the arts make to everyone’s lives, and the opportunities which participating in the arts can offer to young people. Not only this, the economic argument stacks up as well. The creative and cultural industry is the fastest growing sector in the UK economy , and as a whole the UK is the third largest exporter of goods and services in the world, behind only the USA and China.

As we enter the run up to the snap election called for 8 June 2017, not only are political parties slowly releasing their manifestos, many arts, creative and cultural organisations are also publishing their calls for the potential future of the UK’s creative and cultural sector. Continue reading