Building an Arts Award alumni network – we need your help!

Arts Award Alumni

Ten years on, and it feels like the right moment to develop an alumni offer to past achievers of Arts Award!  After all there are nearly 250,000 of them…

So we’re working with Upstart Projects, the organisation which runs Arts Award Voice, to do some research with young people. 

We’re contacting Arts Award Silver and Gold achievers from the last ten years to ask what they’re up to now and find out what they‘d want from an Arts Award alumni scheme. Here’s how you can help!

Do you know any young people who might be willing to be consulted about this exciting new programme?  If so, please spread the word and direct them to this short online form on Arts Award Voice.

The alumni network could be a great opportunity for young people to:

  • stay in touch with Arts Award
  • make connections with other alumni across the UK
  • get special offers
  • get professional development opportunities 

Keeping in touch with alumni also provides fascinating information about ‘life after Arts Award’.  Many young people move into a career In the arts and media and it’s great to know that Arts Award helped them make that choice.

Arts Award Voice already runs a popular series called Where are they now?  Where are they screenwhich tracks down young people who benefitted from Arts Award in developing their creative career.

In the New Year, the Upstart Projects team will be contacting young people who sign up for the research to ask their opinions on the alumni network and benefits.

Andrea PieridesIf you have any ideas, suggestions or questions about this project, please get in touch with Andrea who is leading the research.


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