Arts Award at York Mind

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This week we have a guest blog from Imogen Godwin at York Mind. Imogen tells us about her experience delivering Arts Award to young people with a range of mental health issues, and the positive impact this work has had. Continue reading


Yes We Can! Arts Award successes by young people with communication difficulties

AA good practice centre logo 2015-16This week’s blog is from Sarah Pain, an Arts Award adviser at Youth Arts Project – Brighton & Hove City Council, who are a Good Practice Centre for 2015-2016. 

Working for the Youth Arts Project I have delivered Arts Award, at all five levels, with young people who have communication difficulties. The reasons for these difficulties vary widely: learning disabilities, physical impairment, mental health issues or limited literacy. Nevertheless these adolescents have been creative individuals, enjoying arts activities and exploration. It is evidencing this participation that can be a challenge. This blog will give examples of how such work can be evidenced. Continue reading

Arts Award for Looked After Children

AA good practice centre logo 2015-16In our latest Good Practice Centre guest post, Vicki Taylor from Work in Progress Arts tells us about how they’ve delivered Arts Award to Looked After Children, with some advice for any centres working with similar groups.

Hello there!

My name is Vicki Taylor and I am the Arts Award Lead Deliverer for Work in Progress Arts – an Arts Award Good Practice Centre based in Birmingham. Last year, we had a great level of success having submitted 34 Arts Awards (across all 5 levels) in May 2015, and then a further 81 Arts Awards (again, across all 5 levels) in November 2015. This is a great success for our little creative arts company, but even more so because over half of these young people were Looked After Children within the care system here in Birmingham. This blog post, therefore, is being written to provide you with some inspiration and guidance in relation to working with Looked After Children to successfully deliver the Arts Award.

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