Music & Fanzines

Fanzine Workshop with graphic designer
Arts for Teens

This week’s blog comes from adviser Tim Coyte at Arts For Teens, a centre delivering music projects to young people in Hartlepool. Tim tells us how he led Exchanging Notes, a Bronze Arts Award project based entirely around music. If you’re an adviser considering a similar approach, featured below is a framework and key insights on how you can use music to deliver Arts Award.
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The impact of arts education

We’re sure that if you are reading this blog you already understand the value of studying and taking part in the arts, but with increasing pressures on schools and arts organisations how can we advocate for all young people to have the chance to participate in artistic, creative and cultural opportunities? What can we do to ensure that policy makers and educators really understand the value of the arts, and the huge range of benefits it can bring to individuals and wider society?

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Employability: What does Arts Award have to offer?

CoLabArts_2009_Gold Arts Award projectYouth unemployment is an issue we should all be concerned about, and as people who work with young people on a regular or daily basis, it’s something many Arts Award advisers can’t ignore. Youth unemployment is almost three times as high compared to the rest of the UK population, and around 16% of people aged 16-24 are unemployed.[1] 

This means that equipping young people with the employability skills they need to get in to, and stay in work is more important than ever before. As a personal learning framework which builds a whole range of skills (not just art form knowledge), and as a national qualification, delivering Arts Award is a great way to help young people achieve this. Continue reading